The hilarious winning streak continues – Amazon review by Dave Jerrard

Guards Against Insanity edition 4 review

Guards Against Insanity edition 4 review by one of our loyal customers

This is the fourth deck in the series, and so far, I would say their best to date. If you liked any of their other decks, you’ll really like this one. The content is a bit darker than previous decks, and the topics are generally all relatable, and, especially with the black cards, have a personal bent to them; the questions tend to be about the one reading them.

Some of my favorite cards, that I can post a review without running afoul of Amazon’s guidelines are “Finishing yourself off.”, “Going to the bathroom just to wipe.”, “Arranging sleeping children into suggestive poses”, and “Years of rejections and failure.”, you know, happy stuff. Some of the better black cards include “________. The first time is never the best.”, “Never mention the first date that you’re into ________.” and, “I like to look deep into someone’s eyes while ________.”

Most of the cards are 2-3 lines long, and only four black cards contain two blanks, so long-winded monologues are unlikely with these cards. I offer no promises when these are used with other decks.

Like the last deck, there are 22 black cards and 90 white cards. These are the same card stock as previous decks; a softer, more flexible, and more highly textured stock than any of the other decks out there that I’ve seen. Cards are predominantly black & white, with a splash of color in the logos and the Pick 2 headings. The typeface on the card fronts has changed to a lighter weight to appease certain overlords, but otherwise, there are no other differences. These will shuffle into a CAH deck quite well; there is no notable size difference.

The box is the same size as Edition 3, which means it’s a pretty well-packed deck. One oddity is that this deck has the black cards placed in the middle of the deck. Not a big deal since you’ll just shuffle them around anyway; I just found it odd.

The Guards decks have quickly become one of our favorite sets, and we have nearly every other commercial deck available, as well as a few print on demand decks; these get played the most, even beating out the original CAH decks.

Bring on deck #5!

Guards Against Insanity Edition 4 Amazon Review by Dave Jerrard


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We also have a video of some pretty funny seniors playing Cards Against Humanity with Guards Against Insanity for the first time which we think is hilarious.


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