Cards Against Humanity Fans Play Guards Against Insanity For First Time

We recently sent a brand new deck of the edition 1 GAI cards to Kaitlin (AKA piddleass) as we knew she’s a big Cards Against Humanity fan.

We thought we’d share the awesome video Kaitlin uploaded to Youtube of her and her room mates breaking in the new deck.

We want to say a big thanks to Kaitlin, Jessa, Jade, Anthony & Skyler as you were all HIGHLY entertaining, especially Kaitlin & Jessa’s reaction at 2:11.

If you haven’t got hold of Guards Against Insanity yet, grab your free digital copy of edition 1 here.

We also have a video of some pretty funny seniors playing Cards Against Humanity with Guards Against Insanity for the first time which we think is hilarious.


If you want to buy the physical cards, you can purchase them from or if you are in Europe they are available

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Buy the cards on
Buy the cards on
Grab your free digital copy at:

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